Food Pantry

About the Food Pantry:


Serving the needy in our area

The purpose for the food pantry is to reach out to the needy of our community. To be a blessing to them physically as well as give them the word of God. Our main concern is for the soul. For this reason we offer a church service before they get their food. Not everybody stays for the service. But many do. Many have received Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior of there lives.

From our food pantry we serve from 42 to 50 families weekly. We give each family food once a month, according to the size of the family. We purchase this food from the Food Bank in McAllen. The rest of the month they can come weekly for what we call, Freebies. This consists of fruit, vegetables, Bread & Etz… about as much as one person can carry. (Varies) Thank God.

Thank you for your participation in your giving. This is the only way we can continue this project, as well as all our other ministries.

Sincerely yours  Melvin

It all starts at the Food Bank in Pharr, Tx. where we buy the food then it is brought home to our food pantry. Now we need to unload and get the food ready to distribute it to the people. 

Next it is placed on the shelves for individual family packaging.

The happy ladies carrying their Groceries, vegetables and fruit bags ready to hand out.
We ended up handing out over 255 toys this past Christmas.