The first six weeks in PA was spent with our daughter Sarah and Melvin editing the book that Melvin wrote and getting it ready to publish. So many people told him that he needed to write his story for our children and grand-children, they needed to know of his legacy. Praise the Lord “Born to Be A Missionary” is now published and available for purchase, suggested donation of $15, and $6 shipping. If you would like a copy, contact us or you can buy it on, or online from Barnes & Noble. 

While in PA, we celebrated our 70th wedding anniversary with our PA children, they had a very nice anniversary party for us.

While we were on the road, Linda and Richard did such a great job keeping things here on the home base moving. It is so nice to have them here with the same vision and to carry on the work which Melvin has founded. The ministry continues to grow, and we sure can use help if you feel the call of God to minister, since Melvin and I are not able to do much anymore. There is the mission work in Mexico, the new missions down in the mountains of Mexico, the Church, the Food Pantry, the Trailer Park including yard work and all the maintenance of the trailers and facilities, office work, something for everyone to do. Please pray for the Lord to provide the help.

Linda and Richard will be making a trip down to the mountains to take some children winter coats which have been donated by a church in Oklahoma. Pastor Rosendo Garcia from Charco Azul, Dalia Garza, the missionary from that church and who is also the interpreter for Richard and Linda, just came back a few days ago and will now turn around and head back down. Pastor Rosendo started 5 mission churches in the mountains and goes down to minister to them a lot. Pastor Rosendo told Linda that her father Melvin taught us how to do mission work, so it is up to us to do it. Please keep them in your prayers as they travel into Mexico.

The Lord is so good. Melvin is not able to go into Mexico often, but he does visit the churches here on the border when he is feeling up to it, your continued prayers for our health and safety is so appreciated. The caravan that you are hearing about in the news are heading for California, but there are always those who are trying to sneak across the border everywhere. The border security is reinforced, and they have caught 800 illegals trying to sneak across this last month in our area alone. This interferes with the drug cartels, they are not able to get their drugs across the border, so they are hurting financially. They are desperate and looking for other ways to get money, so they are reverting to kidnapping for ransom again, making travel across the border very dangerous. 

One of our pastors from Laredo Mexico is in the US right now renewing his US citizenship papers, and his son is house sitting. He just told us that while his son was at school, someone came and took everything out of the house, left them with nothing. Please pray for this family and for the authorities to find their things, and for God to provide for their needs. 

May God bless you and your family this holiday season! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

In His service,

Melvin & Anna High and Richard & Linda Hough    

Richard and I are back from our trip to the interior of Mexico before this letter was sent out so we have included some pictures of our trip. Most of the trip went very well except this time we did have an experience with the cartel. We had a car with men that had machine guns pull us over and demand money. They wanted $300.00 but the Spanish pastor Rosendo told them that we are a church taking gifts to children in the mountains and didn’t have that kind of money so they finally demanded only $100.00 and left.

I took coats and backpacks sent from Oklahoma, rice and beans, and Sis. Dalia took sweat jackets, sweat pants, coloring books. Below are pictures of the trip. 

Church in Huichihuayan “House of Ressurection”


“House of Ressurection"


Family from Peña Blanca


Church in Nacimiento


New mission in San Antonio


in San Antonio


My new Book

my new Book

Finally published

Now available at

El Cañon




We did not have enough coats
 to hand out in El Cañon except
 we were able to bless this one
   older poor lady.  

Path to and from the church


the front of the church