Minister to the missionaries

We have an RV Park where missionaries can come out of Mexico to rest, relax, refresh and fellowship with other missionaries.  Stock up on needed supplies, renew their Visas, etc...  Many missionaries use the Home Base as their US mailing address and we manage their US banking for them as well.  We supply them with Bibles, literature and tracks when available.  We supply them with food, Video Schools in Spanish to train the natives, and at times hold a Spanish course to help the missionaries learn or improve their Spanish language.    

church MISSION groups or retreats

We provide a place to stay for church mission teams , or church groups, youth/men/women retreats. We have multiple RV trailers available for families of two to five people, and men and women air conditioned dormitories that house 18 people in each.  There is a large Fellowship Hall with a kitchen for the groups to meet and feed their team. There is a laundromat and men/women shower rooms to clean up.  

Some church teams come to assist their supported missionary on day trips into Mexico and come back into the states to sleep. They come to assist us with so many ministry opportunities, helping to build or do maintenance on our home base, minister in Mexico at one of our churches, holding Bible School for the children, building new church buildings, or repair work on Pastor's or needy natives homes. We can find something for everyone to do, be it helping in the office or the food pantry, manual labor, or ministering, we can put your gifts to good use.  We can also make arrangements for the teams to have an interpreter to assist them while ministering.

We would love to talk to you about the possibility of your church team coming.  If you do not have a specific missionary to serve, we have a lot of opportunities for you to serve and to make a difference in so many people's lives. Please contact us and we would be glad to help you plan your next mission trip. Let us know what you would like to do in the email, and we can find the right place for you to serve.

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