Our web site. is working again.

We will be working with it and making some changes. 

   Keep your eyes open to the part where it says Book. We will soon have a video showing about the book i wrote and published. I hear tremendous reports. Several people said that they read t in two days. They could not put it down. 175 pages. They were so blessed. The book is available on E Bay as well as Barnes and Noble.

     It will soon be available on the Web sight. 

. The name of the book is, "BORN TO BE A MISSIONARY" by Melvin High. Enjoy.

     The need is still great. People are still not near back to normal. Much help is still needed.

     Dr Reyna is still in contact with them. If you are interested in helping the brothers and sisters, please contact us at, mhighsr2002@yahoo.com


     You can see the severe damage done to this church in Juchitan, Oaxaca by the earth quake.

If you go to our page (Mexico), you will see more pictures of the damages.

If God speaks to your heart to help in this project. There are still hundreds of thousands of dollars needed for the people that we are helping to rebuild. Doc. Reyna as well as Rodrigo Maldonado, a very dear friend of ours have made a number of trips their.  They have a direct connection with the pastor their.

If you need more information, you can contact me either by E-mail at, mhighsr2002@yahoo.com or office number. 956-464-4631