What is Flame of Truth


Flame:  He will make His ministers a Flame of Fire.    Heb. 1:7

Truth:   Thy word is truth.   John 17:17

Incorporated for the purpose of:

 *reaching the lost at any cost.    John 3:16

*assisting other fellow missionaries in their field of labor

*giving legal tax deductible receipts for donation

Our purpose:

*reach souls around the world for Jesus

*teach and train natives to evangelize their own people

*minister to the needs of the people via the gospel, food, clothes, medical supplies, and Bibles

*get other people involved in the mission field

*handle finances for other missionaries

*Assist missionaries in there mailing (receive-hold-or-foreward

*handle packages for all missionaries


Flame of Truth is a ministry founded and directed by Melvin and Anna High, with Richard and Linda Hough as co-workers. The FOT ministry is to assist missionaries on and off the field, to provide a home base as well as opportunities for those desiring to experience short term mission work, and to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Reaching the lost at any cost