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Our ministry in the country of Mexico has many different faces.  Richard, Linda and I minister in different places in Mexico, as does Dr. Reyna.  

Dr. José Angel Reyna is our number one representative in all of Mexico, he is a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is the President of "Flama de la Verdad" (Flame of Truth) in Mexico. He is a Missionary Medical Doctor who helps so many people that cant afford their medication or treatments.  He gave up his professional medical career and lives solely on faith and donations designated for him personally from Flame of Truth.  Dr Reyna also is our representative in Mexico for "Kids Against Hunger". Dr Reyna has been our representative to work with the people in the state of Oaxaca that had severe earthquake damages recently (Below are some pictures of the damages and destruction of the buildings there). He is a very dedicated man. It is because of him that again we are registering several churches there. We leave all the details to him and our pastor in Charco Azul, Rosendo Garcia, Vice President of  Flame of Truth in Mexico. Together they are doing a very good job.

I was blessed to be able to take a trip to the mountains of Nuevo Leon, between Monterey and Ciudad Victoria Mexico with Dr Reyna for a few days in the month of March to hold Medical clinics for villagers that cannot afford health care.  We had a 3 day late start, not leaving until Friday afternoon. On our way to where we were planning to have the clinic we stopped at a man's home, we heard he was not doing well. He has diabetes, heart problems and is blind. He also has a tube from his brain to his abdomen from a previous brain operation. On the left side of his forehead he has a valve connected to the tube that is malfunctioning.  Dr Reyna had made arrangements for him to have some tests done prior to our arrival. The man was scheduled to go to the Hospital In Monterey several hundred miles away for the testing. When Dr Reyna called him to check in on him on Friday morning, he told Dr Reyna that he was 1300 pesos ($72.22) short for the tests. Dr Reyna is a man of integrity, he called his own  brother that lived in Monterey and asked him to take the money to this Christian brother right away so he can get the testing done. He told his brother that he will put the money in his bank account in the morning to reimburse him.  While we were traveling from place to place Dr Reyna was continually checking in on this man.  I was moved by his compassionate heart of God. I personally know of other times where he did the same for others.    


We arrived Saturday evening to where we were supposed to have the clinic. The Missionary that was planning a clinic was having some difficulties with her health and she was not able to hold a clinic.  We stayed overnight and Sunday I ministered at the local church on "The Imaginary Line in Your Mind", with real results. The people were very interested and thanked me for the wonderful message.    

I realized that I had forgotten my C-Pap mask and tube for my COPD lung issues at home, so we made arrangements to have them shipped to Victoria, about 4 hours of travel across the mountains, so we headed out. While we were in Victoria we stopped at one of our storage places where Dr Reyna keeps a supply of "Kids Against Hunger" food for distribution. We picked up 8 boxes of food, each box contains 32 packets that feed 6 people, provisions for a total of 192 people . We decided to take those 8 food boxes to Tula, about 6 hours from home.  

The next morning we went to check on the church building construction in Lazaro Cardenas Tamaulipas Mexico that we are building with the help of several people along with the support from a church in Pennsylvania (PA). We found the walls about half built. For the time they ran out of money, so we will be sending more right way. This fall there is a group from PA planning to come to finish the construction on this church. 

Approximately 1320 miles later, we arrived back home.  Probably about seventy percent of our travels were really windy mountain roads, so it was good to be back home. 

Dr Reyna is a man of integrity, I trust him with all my heart. Should God speak to your heart to support Dr Reyna, God will bless you in a very special way.  You can send your donations to "Flame of Truth" for a tax deductible receipt and mention in the letter that it is designated for Dr Reyna and we will see to it that he gets it. Our office handles his funds at no cost to him or his ministry, and one hundred percent of what comes in goes to where it is designated. 

God is good and we are so blessed by all our supporters over the years!!  You are touching so many lives, we hope you realize what a difference your contribution makes in spreading the gospel, feeding the poor, and ministering to the sick and the broken hearted. May God bless you richly. 


earthquake damages in Oaxaca Mexico


Nearly a whole block destroyed, People sleeping in tents because of the dangers of the tremors.


 Hardly anyone sleeping in the houses that are still standing.


Even the very elaborate buildings didn't withstand the earthquake 


 includung government bldgs. 


Houses completely dissolved into rubble.    


 A tent city for those that lost their homes 

Not only did our workers take the money that was donated to help rebuild in the State of Oaxaca, but they also purchased a load of tents from the donated money for shelter for those that lost their homes, and food for the ones that were without. There is still a tremendous need to help rebuild. It will take years until their lives get back to normal.  Please remember them in your prayers, and please consider being a part in the rebuild with your donations.  CLICK BELOW  


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Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve living conditions. Your generous donation will fund our project. 

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