In Mexico

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Our ministry in the country of Mexico has many different phases.

Richard, Linda and I minister in different places in Mexico, as well as Dr. Reyna has a great big part of our ministry there. He is our number one representative in all of Mexico


Dr. José Angel Reyna is a ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Then he is a Medical doctor. He ministers all over Mexico as well as have medical brigades wherever he goes. Dr Reyna also is our representative in Mexico for kids against hunger.

He is also our representative and President of Flama de la Verdad (Flame of Truth) in Mexico.A very dedicated man. It is because of him that again we are registering several churches their. We leave all the details to him and our pastor in Charco Azul, Rosendo Garcia. Together they are doing a very good job.  Process is slow, but moving.

Dr Reyna has been our representative to work with the people in the state of Oaxaca that had severe earthquake damages. Here are some pictures of the damages and destruction of the buildings there.


Pictures in Mexico


Nearly a whole block destroyed People sleeping in tents because of the


 dangers of the tremors. Hardly anyone sleeping in the houses standing.


Even the very elaborate buildings didn't stand the earthquake,  


 includung government bldgs. 


More damages. Houses completely gone.    


 A tent city for those that lost their houses 


Not only did our workers take money to help rebuild. They also took a load of tents and bought with the money donated for it. food for the ones that were without. There is still a tremendous need to heelp to rebuild. This will take years for some of them to get back to normal.