March 2019

Greetings to all our Friends and Partners!

The New Year has come, and spring is in the air with the heavenly fragrances of the citrus blossoms everywhere.  Winter weather this year has been just as unusual for us as we heard it has been for you all.  In one-week time, in February we had temperatures ranging from 40 to 90 degrees. 

Our children in Texas surprised us with a party celebrating our 70th anniversary.  Our anniversary was in September, and we were in PA at the time.  As you may recall from the last newsletter, that we did get to celebrate our anniversary in PA, however, our children from the south were not able to attend so we got to celebrate it again with them. We are so blessed to celebrate this milestone of 70 years together, not many people get that opportunity.  Another big milestone we will be celebrating in April will be Melvin’s 90th birthday. 


The year 2019 has started with a bang. In January, Richard went with our Mexican pastor Rosendo Garcia to Lazaro Cardenes (near Tula) to start to build on the church that some of you have been a part of. The foundation has been laid and part of the walls have gone up. There is so much to be done, putting on the cement roof, installing the doors and windows, and finishing, plastering, and painting the walls. Our son Clair is planning on bringing a few men from his church in PA to help build it.  There is still time if anyone wants to donate or come to assist on the project, it would be greatly appreciated. 

February was also packed full of activities. Our son Clair and Eldon Stoltzfus came down from PA to help. Richard took them to Dr Reyna’s church in Reynosa Mexico, to build steps to the 2nd floor for the Sunday School Classes. Work on the leaky roof is ongoing. We want to thank those that have donated to this project. 

Last newsletter we mentioned that Pastor Rosendo Garcia needed a new roof on his house due to termite damage. We thank you for your generous gifts toward making this possible. As they removed the roof, they found the damage was far worse than previously thought, so not only the roof, but the rafters also need to be replaced.  They have put metal rafters in to defend from the termites spreading. Unfortunately, the termite damage had already spread into the walls of the house and they will need to be replaced as well. We have estimated that we will need an additional $1500 to complete the project.  Material in Mexico typically costs more than in the US, but to take the material across the border, we would have to pay duty so there is no savings there.  We have confidence that God will provide.

Also, in February, we had a group from Tennessee that came down to bless us by doing repairs here on the home base. There is so much upkeep on the property that Richard just can’t keep up, so they go undone and keep piling up that sometimes it gets overwhelming. The group was like a colony of ants doing as much as they could do in the time they had allotted. Some of the major jobs they completed were, the foundation on the corner of our home was crumbling causing the house to sag and the mortar walls to crack.  They shored up the foundation and extended the cement so when we irrigate, the water won’t run against the house. They installed new flooring in our kitchen. They finished building the last roof over our mobile trailers in the RV Park to keep the hot Texas sun from destroying them. They finished the floor in the vestibule of the church by laying tile and extending it into the entrance.  We were so, so blessed by this group and cannot thank them enough for their generosity and faithfulness. 

Right after the group from Tennessee left, one of our board members, Alvin Lee from Oklahoma came for the Flame of Truth Annual Board Meeting.  However, while he was here, we had one maintenance problem after another, and he jumped right in. Alvin & Richard found that the hot water heaters were leaking in two trailers and apparently, they had been leaking for some time and caused damage to the floors.  They replaced the hot water heaters and the floors. They also found and repaired a leak in our men’s shower room that many volunteers had looked at and couldn't figure out how to fix it.  If that wasn't enough work, they completed some finishing touches on a roof over one of the trailers that a brother in Christ is renting.  Alvin is 89 years old, but he keeps going and going and going, just like the energizer bunny, he practically wore Richard out. 

As I am writing this newsletter, Melvin is down in the interior of Mexico with Dr Reyna holding a medical clinic and ministering to the people. We have not heard much from them to see how things are going, but as they say no news is good news. They should be back in a couple of days.  It has been a long time since Melvin was physically able to travel to do this kind of work. He felt good and was very excited to get the opportunity to go. 

Pray with us as we believe God to provide:

1.  Finances for the church in Lazaro Cardenes (Tula) and prayers for the church to grow

2. For the team that will be going down to work on the church

3.  Finances to help with Dr. Reyna’s church in Reynosa, to complete fixing up the 2nd floor.

4.  Finances to complete Pastor Rosendo’s house.


Your Servants in Christ,

Melvin and Anna High (Founders)

Richard and Linda Hough  

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